Marble Mists

An Original Trilogy by Tyler Martin

Bad News & A VERY Short Break

My writing in general is put on a mini hiatus due to breaking my arm and going to the carribean. Yesterday I fell and fractured my elbow. I have to keep a splint on it for the next two weeks. Normally, I would immediately go straight to writing, but two days after I get it off, I’ll be flying off to Miami where a cruise boat is leaving and going to five different islands for a week. On top of all that, I come back home on my last day of Spring Break. AHHHH! So when am I going to get back? Probably in five to six weeks.

Also, while I’m on, I’d like to take notice that (even though it’s a small amount) I got two views in ALASKA and three views in JAPAN!!! 😀 I guess every writer starts off somewhere. Hopefully I’ll be returning soon. Much love, viewers (if any) and I’ll post a new update when I get back. 🙂


Part One: Chapter Two

One year later…

To say things haven’t changed in Boriath would be an understatement. It was as if each and every day had been repeated three hundred sixty-five times. How things kept normal, the Boriathians had no idea. The only thing that had changed was James Sapphire… well, the whole Sapphire family. Hailey and Zachariah were still missing from the shipwreck, Lexi got a suitor and moved out with him, and James let the Marble family take over the whole village. But because of their lack of money, the Marbles never had enough to change the ‘city’.

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Part One: Chapter One

‘Really, he’s a wizard?’ you may ask. You’re wrong. ‘Then maybe he really is a lunatic.’ Wrong again. ‘He has to be a philosopher, then!’ Like the other times, your prediction is incorrect. The truth is, even I don’t know who or what he is. If you go to the small village Boriath, or what you may know now as The Everglades, and you ask who Gregory Ivory is, everyone would give you a whole lecture on who he is. It’s just that every lecture would tell a different story, leading to a different conclusion.

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Part One: Prologue- Character Introductions

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Coming Soon…

The first post of this blog is coming soon between late September to late October. Also, I would like to remind you that I am also the author of a trilogy this is based on. 🙂 Thank you for visiting this site!